Cool off with new Cocktail Popsicles in Epcot!

Frozen boozy treats have hit the Italy pavilion in Epcot just in time for those hot summer days! Let me say that again for the folks in the back: You can now get cocktails on a stick!

Available in three varieties, Popfusions brings us Limoncello, Sparkling Strawberry, and Berry Sangria. You can snag one of these frozen treats for $12-13 a pop from the rolling cart across from Via Napoli. We tried the Limoncello, which is exclusively made for Via Napoli, and our high hopes were exceeded!

This frozen delight was sweet, tart, and refreshing. While light on the actual berries (mine had two large raspberries), the flavor is there, and the berries were a satisfying addition. I am already scheming up another reason to head in to Epcot for round 2.

Now, these Cocktail Popsicles are actually alcoholic, and you should therefore be warned, you WILL need your I.D. handy, and word is, you can only purchase one per valid I.D. I was prepared, but they didn’t card me, which is something I plan to write an angry letter about when I get around to it.

Wounded egos aside, another pro-tip is to ask for a cup with your popsicle, as these do tend to melt quickly, and given the price tag (and the fact that they are delicious!) you won’t want to lose even one bite.

Of course, there are also non-alcoholic varieties, and I WILL try the Tiramisu popsicle in the very near future.

What are your thoughts? Is this the new twist to “drinking around the world”?

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