Tangled Eclair comes to Magic Kingdom

Go ahead and let your life begin, because the Tangled Eclair has arrived! Tangled has been somewhat under represented, but lately between the Lost Princess cone and now the new eclair, it is getting the recognition it deserves. Ironically, this Disney delight can be found at Pinocchio’s Village, but to be fair, the Tangled themed restrooms are just around the corner, so we’ll take it.


You may recall the Lost Princess Cone at Storybook Treats, which featured lemon Dole Whip with edible flowers. Personally – and don’t hate me! – I liked it better than the original Dole Whip 🙊

Now getting back to this eclair, this whipped cream braided beauty is adorned with soft sugar flowers and a teeny, tiny milk chocolate frying pan! It also has purple sugar crystals on the outside, and the best part (aside from the miniature frying pan!) is that it has a stripe of dulce de leche filling inside.

The filling was sweet with a hint of saltiness, which was reminiscent of a salted caramel. The little sugar flowers added an element of crunch, but were soft enough to easily chew and didn’t break the flow of the this delicate pastry.

Additionally, do you think this tiny frying pan is just the right size for swatting away love bugs?? Asking, for a friend.


Tangled Eclair, $5.99 in Pinocchio’s Village

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