The Best of Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Treats

Hollywood Studios’ 30th Anniversary celebration was a star studded event, but naturally, I came primarily for the food. With so many new celebratory treats to try, I didn’t know which way to turn first. Well, until I heard a certain Sorcerer’s Hat calling my name and then I knew to head straight to ABC commissary (and, with the help of the handy food and beverage guide).

For just $5.49 you, too, can enjoy a little bit of sorcery. With a shortbread base, a lemon sponge cake, vanilla buttercream, and topped with a white chocolate glaze, the real headliner is – you guessed it – edible glitter.

After devouring our first Anniversary treat, we moved on to Baseline Tap House. Avid macaron fans, the Incredibles macarons were highly anticipated.

Yes, Disney even nails macarons. With the signature soft and chewy shell and sweet buttercream filling, we were once again pleased with our choice, and – dare I say – feeling incredible.

My son wasn’t going to let me leave without checking off his list, which had only one item on it (that is, after he stole one of my macarons): a Churro Lightsaber.

Okay, these are fairly run of the mill churros in fun colors, but the box ups the cool factor, and they are served with a chocolate dipping sauce, that, frankly, I could have eaten straight out of the container.

These, and other yummy Anniversary bites should be available for a while as Hollywood Studios continues the celebration, and additionally prepares for the opening of Star Wars Land. Will you be visiting soon? If so, let us know what is first on your list to try!

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