Foodie Delights at H2O Glow Nights

Being Disney locals, we tend to shy away from the parks during the hot and humid summer days, with the exception of the water parks! Spending an afternoon cooling off in more ways than one – both in the pool, and with a frozen treat and icy drink – is my idea of summer fun. So you can imagine that I was all about it when I heard that H2O Glow Nights was returning to Typhoon Lagoon this summer, extending the time we could spend in the water park, and offering up a whole new menu to boot!

You do need to purchase an extra event ticket to attend, but we feel you get a lot of bang for your buck. While the event runs from 8-11pm, you can enter as early as 6 to get to enjoy a little more time in the water before things kick off.

Yes, all of the regular favorites are open during the event, but you know I was here for the food (and drinks!) and I was not disappointed! Let’s just get the highlight of the night out of the way: the Glowing Unicorn! The Glowing Unicorn is non-alcoholic and can be found at the Leaning Palms. The rainbow whipped cream is super thick and – Bible – is one of the best tasting whipped creams I’ve ever tasted! (I was literally dipping my finger into it to get all of it before my hubby could while he was sipping it… #sorrynotsorry)

Another one of the featured items was the Bathtub Sundae, and it scores full points for cuteness. This treat is large and even split between the two of us, it was more than we could handle. The souvenir tub also come with glow cubes and is filled with confetti cake, vanilla ice cream, loads of whipped cream, sprinkles, and little white chocolate “rubber” ducks. The cake was a little on the dry side, and I am more of a chocolate kinda gal, but it was worth it for the pics and the tiny tub!

In search of a few savory options, I landed on the cheese plate, and even though it was a simple snack, it really hit the spot. Additionally, they have some fantastic dinner options, including island inspired beef, chicken, and fish dishes, which is a lovely upgrade from basic water park fare.

I can’t forget to mention that the park is decorated for the occasion and positively glows. Rexy hosts a fun dance party, and you can meet Toy Story Characters around the park. Beyond the food, the best part of the evening was actually the super low crowds. We had zero wait at attractions, character meets, and food lines. It felt very VIP.

We topped off the evening with a few glowing beverages. The Brut De Peche Champagne which is served with blueberry bobas at the bottom was delish, as was the Green Glowrita (tequila, Granny Smith apple syrup, sour mix, and blueberry bobas).

Glow Nights run through August 24, 2019 on select night!

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