A Bacon Lovers Guide to the Best of Bacon in Walt Disney World

Something curious has been happening around Walt Disney World, and it is a bacon lovers dream come true. A bacon takeover, if you will, has occurred and infiltrated many Disney snacks and treats, and I am here to guide you through – but shh, don’t tell Piglet.

Most of you are probably aware that bacon can be found on a multitude of savory items around property, such as the Mickey Burger in Magic Kingdom, Blaze pizzas in Disney Springs, on top of mac and cheese, tater tots, and salads, and of course, in its OG form on pretty much any breakfast buffet. However, sweet meets savory with the newest bacon options, and you probably have a lot more to choose from than you think!

Let’s get started with my favorites:

1. One of the newest and hottest bacon inclusive offerings can be found at The Ganachery in Disney Springs: The Maple Pecan Bourbon Hot Ganache is a hot sipping chocolate that will warm you up in more ways than one. If the temperature of the drink doesn’t do it, then then warmth of the bourbon will. This heavenly little cup features caramel, maple reduction, whipped cream, pecans, sea salt, and, wait for it… chipotle-chocolate covered bacon! What?! I was a little skeptical of this beverage, for fear it would be too rich, but it is perfection, as the bourbon and other flavors and textures really cut through the thickness of the chocolate. So. Good.

2. Any cookie dough fans out there? If so, you will likely want to head over to B.B. Wolf’s, also in Disney Springs, to snag a scoop of maple chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with a generous portion of bacon. I am a person who pours maple syrup on my breakfast bacon or sausage, so these flavors are right up my alley.

3. If you hop a monorail and head over to the Polynesian Resort, you will find some Hawaiian inspired flavors mixed with chocolate covered bacon, which you can purchase by the slice at Kona Cafe. Chocolate covered pineapple and coconut, chili, cashew, or a plain variety are available. Somehow they manage to keep the slices fairly crispy, and I assume it has something to do with Pixie Dust, but idk.

4. Okay, this is my least favorite on the list, because, well, it just didn’t work for me, but it might for you. Also available at the Polynesian, are chocolate and bacon covered strawberries. I don’t know why fruit and bacon aren’t an appealing combo to me, but it wasn’t. Interesting, yes. Repeat purchase, no.

5. Ice cream fanatics, how do we feel about bacon topped sundaes? There are two fun options for those who want to have their bacon and eat it, too stay cool, too. The Maple Bacon Bombolato can be found at Vivoli il Gelato, and is divine. Imagine a warm sugar donut filled with cold, creamy maple ice cream, bacon, and drizzled with maple syrup…

Sorry, where was I? Oh, right, the bombolato is ah-mazing and is a must-try, for sure.

If you happen to be in Animal Kingdom, however, you can find Scrooge McDuck’s Billionaire Bacon Sundae at Dino Bites, which is probably a one and done for me, mainly because I am more of a chocolate than vanilla ice cream fan (and this is scientifically proven – my 23 and Me results told me so), and also the bacon was not as crispy as I like it. All the same, this one has vanilla soft serve, caramel sauce, crispy gold pearls, and less than crispy bacon pieces. HOWEVER, the CM’s who made me this treat at Dino Bites are awesome!

6. Saving one of the best for last on this bacon love fest journey, if you like bacon even an itty bitty bit, you have to stop in to Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar to try the – cue dramatic music – Temple of Bacon. What Indiana Jones would eat if he hung out at Disney Springs (and for all I know, he does; we’re not really that tight), the Temple of Bacon, or Notorious TOB, as I just decided to call it, features a tiny Stonehenge of thick-cut applewood bacon, dipped in chipotle ganache. Served under a dome of glass in a smokey fog, it is fantastic in both presentation and taste.

And, so our crispy, salty journey comes to a close – for now, because you know Disney probably already has the next meaty treat in the works.

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