Pirate Island Hotel Promises a Swashbuckling Fun Stay!

Under Construction: Pirate Island Hotel Opens April 17, 2020

Legoland Hotel at Legoland Florida has been a dream come true for kids of all ages since it opened, with 5 different themed room options. The feeling of shrinking down to their favorite brick character’s size and visiting a world you can literally build to be anything you want it to be is the ultimate childhood fantasy. Now, that world has expanded even more, with the new addition of Pirate Island Hotel. With special character encounters, themed entertainment, and Master Builder workshops all included in the price of your stay, hearing, “I’m bored” is highly unlikely.

One of the completed rooms in Pirate Island Hotel

While still currently under construction, Pirate Island Hotel opens in just under two months, and promises total immersion into pirate life! Whimsically themed rooms can fit either 5 in a standard room, or 7 in a suite, and every room offers a separate children’s space. Kids get their own set of bunk beds, Lego play space, and flat screen TV, while the adults have their own TV, desk, and seating area in their sleeping quarters. Additionally, rooms are fully equipped with mini fridge, Keurig machine, and a “treasure chest” that kids can only open after solving clues in the room!

Kids Separate Space

Of course, the rest of the hotel has a lot to offer, as well. Both Legoland Hotel and Pirate Island share a main entrance and check-in lobby, but that is where they split. While guests from both hotels are able to utilize all of the amenities offered, Pirate Island will have it’s own feature restaurant, Shipwreck, and it’s own bar, Smuggler’s. Shipwreck will have seating for 250 guests, a buffet, and even a children’s play area. Breakfast buffet will be included in the price of your hotel stay, as with the Legoland Hotel. Progress is being made on both!

Shipwreck Restaurant in its final stages of completion

We were invited to sample the new menu for Shipwreck, and it did not disappoint! Served family style, guests can choose between two platters. This is my favorite part of the day, as you know! The chefs have outdone themselves with this flavorful menu, but as an allergy mom, I was happy to hear that they can also accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Shipwreck Restaurant Menu
Three Course Meal

Naturally, fun characters, kids play spaces (such as the “Pirate Prison”!), and lounge areas are in abundance throughout the hotel. I fell particularly in love with sleepy pirate and his eyepatch teddy bear!

Don’t forget, while it may be enticing to spend your entire day at the hotel (and heated pool, respectively), you are still only 130 kid steps away from the entrance of Legoland theme park! Mark your calendars: Pirate Island Hotel opens April 17, 2020!

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