Topolino’s Terrace is an Artful Experience

View of Riviera Resort from Topolino’s Terrace

Breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace, in the heart of the French Mediterranean inspired Riviera Resort, is an artful way to start your day! Topolino’s is the newest character meal being offered in Walt Disney World, and is open for both breakfast and dinner.

The dining space

Located on the 10th (and top floor) of the resort, the dining space is simple, but elegant. The light fixtures reminded me of upside down anemone, like that in Finding Nemo. One of the nicest benefits to dining here, is the large terrace (hence, the name), that restaurant patrons have exclusive access to. The views are stunning, overlooking the resort itself, the lake, Caribbean Beach, as well as Coronado Springs Resorts, and off in the distance, even the new Skyliner!

Topolino’s Breakfast Menu

While this is a character breakfast, it is not, as most other character breakfasts on property, a buffet. Adult and child prices are set for meals, however you order your entree from a menu. A pastry “paint bucket” is included, and I liked this almost more than my entree. French pastries (mini muffins, croissants, crusty break-apart bread, etc.) are accompanied by small pots of strawberry jam, chocolate hazelnut spread, and butter.

The Pastry “Paint Bucket”

The entrees are an adequate amount, but certainly not the bargain of a buffet, especially if you are a big eater, so keep that in mind when booking. A special house juice is included in your meal, but coffees, alcoholic beverages, and sodas are an additional charge.

Full Breakfast Entree, Floral Mimosa, and Pastries

I chose the 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, and plant-based sausage, which was tasty, so no complaints, but it didn’t stand out, per se. I had been eyeing the Sour Cream Waffle, but ultimately decided against it due to already having the pastry bucket. After spying it on a neighboring plate, however, if I were to go back, I would probably go for them.

The highlight of any character meal are, well, the characters, and I was especially excited to meet my two favorite couples in their new gorgeous outfits! How much would I pay for Minnie’s dress?? The outfits are adorable, and the characters were fun and engaging. At first I experienced some difficulty getting the characters to come to my table (it might have been because I was an adult dining alone, but we are all kids at heart in Disney, amiright?). After alerting one of the character attendants that I hadn’t met any of them yet, she brought a manager over, who went above and beyond to ensure I had a great experience. Things are not always seamless in Disney, but what sets them apart in my eyes, is willingness to make to things right on those occasions when they’re not, in whatever ways they can.

Character Interactions

Available for purchase in Topolino’s are also several Riviera Resort merchandise exclusives, including character plushies, a kids activity book, and Minnie Ears. You can purchase them directly in the restaurant, but they are also available in the shop off of the lobby if you forget to purchase or change your mind later.

Topolino’s Terrace Character Plush
Exclusive Riviera Resort Merchandise

Topolino’s Terrace is open for breakfast for one signature dining credit, and dinner for two credits, and promises unique character interactions, as well as cuisine with a Mediterranean flare. If you’ve been to Topolino’s, don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me about your experience!

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